Step Up Your Interior Style

Step Up Your Interior Style

Improve your space with our flooring installation services in Richland, WA

A new floor can bring out the best in your space. It can tie your color scheme together and add elegance to any room. You can install a new floor with Pyramid Painting and Construction LLC in Richland, WA.

Our flooring contractor can install your:

Tile floor
Luxury vinyl tile floor
Laminate floor
Hardwood floor
Engineered wood floor

To find out more about our full range of flooring installation options, contact us right away. You can email us or call 509-405-4475.

How do you choose a floor for your space?

You might have already decided on a floor. However, if you're still mulling over your options, you can talk it over with our flooring contractor. We can help you choose the right floor for your space, style, maintenance needs and budget. To get a free flooring installation estimate, reach out to us today.